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30 Years of Experience in the Jewelry Industry

I have been extremely fortunate to have experienced the jewelry industry as widely as I have.  This has  taught me so much about the needs of people and the relationship they have with their jewelry. I want you to know that I cherish your possessions as much as you do. My goal for you is to provide the information you need to protect your valuables in the way they need to be protected.  I also strive to provide you with information that will help you make informed decisions about your estate.  I have many years of gemological training, both through Gemological Institute of America and National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. I have also been fortunate enough to handle and examine thousands of gemstones and pieces of jewelry to learn the physical properties of jewelry from many eras and manufacturers. Allow me to offer to you assistance with all of your jewelry needs.       


Not sure what Grandma left you?

I am happy to help you determine exactly what you inherited! For a small fee we will go through your treasures with you and determine the best course for you to proceed. You may decide to refashion that old diamond ring. You may decide to sell all that ugly 1970's gold jewelry! I can help you with that as well! Or we may find out that your box of treasures are just a box of family treasures and you can let your kids play dress up with it. We will never know til we investigate!  


All types of jewelry appraisals





Starting at $100.00  per item

Gemstone identification

Starting at $20.00

Sorting through your treasures to help you determine your needs  $75.00

Pearl restringing

Priced per inch

Liquidate your old and broken gold items

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Why do I need an appraisal?


For insurance purposes

You may currently be under insured


You may be also be over insured!

For estate purposes

Don’t know what you have?

Can’t figure out how to split your jewelry equitably

between your heirs?

For liquidation purposes

Want to liquidate your jewelry on the secondary 

market and need to know approximate worth?

For tax purposes

Want to gift your jewelry to someone

or donate your jewelry to a charity?


It’s good to be informed so that 

you can make the best decisions!

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